squeezed medium



1969 Born in Okayama, Japan

1994 Graduated from Departent of Design Faculty of Tokyo Zokei University

1995 Completed Non-degree Post Graduated Cours at Faculty of Zokei (Art and Design) , Tokyo Zokei University


Lives in Tokyo



Solo Exhibitions

1998 Selected by Takao Okamura V, Taro Morimoto, Ayumi Gallery, Tokyo

1999 Artists for the Next decade 1999, Gallery Hinoki, Tokyo

2001 recollection, Ayumi Gallery, Tokyo

2002 reminder, Space Kobo & Tomo, Tokyo

2003 souvenir, Ayumi Gallery, Tokyo

2004 Tour de Fleurs -broderie-, Restaurant PIETRO, Tokyo

2004 Tour de Fleurs -broderie-, Cafe de Sourire, Okayama

2004 cafe art project vol.5 Taro Morimoto, Mori Art Museum Staff Cafe, Tokyo

2004 After Image, Ayumi Gallery, Tokyo

2005 project N 23 Taro Morimoto, Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo 

2005 painting / embroidery, Space Kobo & Tomo, Tokyo

2008 flower & hair, Ayumi Gallery, Tokyo

2009 in between, Nagi Museum Of Contemporary Art, Okayama

2010 medium, switch point, Tokyo

2012 Edge of Images, Store Front, Tokyo

2015 vestiges, Gallery TAGA 2, Tokyo

2016   イメージはよろこび, switch point, Tokyo

2017    静謐のありか, Gallery TAGA 2, Tokyo


Group Exhibitions

1994 25 razors, Tokyo Design Center, Tokyo

1994 Tokyo Design Center Award '94, Tokyo Design Center, Tokyo

1994 Japan Visual Art Exhibition '94, Isetan Museum of Art, Tokyo(1995, 1996)

1996 Selected by Takao Okamura, Yoichi Sano+Taro Morimoto, Ayumi Gallery, Tokyo

1998 ART BY XEROX "Jyugemu Exhibition '98", Contemporary Art Factory, Tokyo(2004)

1999 Yoko Iwasaki+Yoichi Sano+Taro Morimoto, Gallery Hinoki, Tokyo

2002 Tensen, Tokyo Design Center,Tokyo

2003 ARTISTS BY ARTISTS, Mori Arts Center, Tokyo

2005 Reality Check, Tokyo Zokei University Yokoyama Memorial Manzù Art Museum, Tokyo

2006 The 3rd Fuchu Biennial, On Beauty and Value, Fuchu Art Museum, Tokyo

2007 Flowers, or not? (with Wu Yung Chieh), Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo, Tokyo

2007 Paradice of Illusion, MA2 Gallery, Tokyo

2007 Opening up New Horizons, PYO Gallery Beijing, Beijing China

2007 Flowers, or not? (with Wu Yung Chieh), VT ART SALON, Taipei Taiwan

2008 EX-SURFACE, artlantico gallery

2008 Art in Time and Style Midtown Vol.4, Time & Style Midtown, Tokyo

2009 Autumn Songs, Variete Honroku, Tokyo

2010 WIND –OW, MA2 Gallery, Tokyo

2012 Unkown Surface [Unknown no.2], Ayumi Gallery, Tokyo

2012 Unknown Voice [Unkown extra issue], Youkobo Art Space, Tokyo


2014 INTERSECTION POINT Takao Okamura Project and 13 Artist, Ayumi Gallery, Tokyo

2014 Mori Ogai Memorial Museum "Ogai with the Art"!Vol.2 Mori Ogai Memorial Museum, Tokyo